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Baby, I Know

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Christmas Night With You



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Try Again


Try Again (The Collection)


First Christmas Without You


The First Gift

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Storyline B-sides and Rarities

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Dance With The Devil


Storyline - EP


D.W.T.D (Versions)

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Christmas Night With You

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Ever since the age of 2, Aiela had always been fascinated with music. She would sing and practice playing the guitar everyday to the point that it became as easy as breathing. Soon, this fascination turned into passion, and she devoted her time and energy in to writing songs. Aiela began to build a platform for herself so that she may share her music to the world. She is determined to reach into people's hearts through music, and show them that dreams are worth sacrificing everything for.


Aiela’s first single Try Again shows her unmasked emotions in songwriting. Written and recorded at home during a time that she was feeling at her lowest. She then released Try Again (The Collection) which showcased the different versions of Try Again. “I want to give my listeners a fun collection wherein they can play and sing along,” Aiela says.


First Christmas Without You, her first Christmas song, introduced a new sound that screams Indie. The song was a tribute to her late grandfather who had passed two months prior from the release date of the song (December 4th). “Releasing the song that helped me through my darkest days seems like the right thing to do,” Aiela says. 


The First Gift was then released as a gift for her supporters. Composing of the different versions of First Christmas Without You and a minute long track A Gift For Me, Aiela unveiled her courageous spirit and showed that there is always so much to look forward to. 


As the new year, 2021, ruled the calendar, Aiela started to work with producer stxph. on some new tracks. Chances, a track made completely online, gave both Aiela and stxph. the freedom to explore a new path. Chances made its mark as the song that made everyone hooked at first play.

Storyline, Aiela's debut EP, was released a month after Chances. Following a plot of a tragic love story, Storyline - EP captivated the heart of her listeners. "With Try Again and Chances being the lead single, you already know what's up, you just have to know how the story started," Aiela says. With five interconnected tracks, Aiela brought her listeners to a new universe filled by love and freedom.

In celebration of the three-month anniversary of the debut of Storyline - EP, Aiela partnered with writer Trixie Davantes to create her first merchandise, "The Book of Storyline". The book holds the secrets to the mysteries of her Storyline - EP. "This book was the key to unlocking all of my thoughts and feelings while working on my EP. It's the missing piece of the puzzle "Aiela says. With its enchanting painted illustrations and captivating narrative, The Book of Storyline continues to grow in the hearts of its readers.

"That is the only way to bring a story to an end. A new beginning starts now."

- Aiela

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